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Jan 29, 2013 Pickups

* 2MB "TRIP MACHINE -luv mix-" feat. Mami by KuyokuganP (a.k.a. Gysbrechts)

2MB "TRIP MACHINE -luv mix-" feat. Mami

2MB "TRIP MACHINE -luv mix-" feat. Mami (01:48)

2013-01-28 Posted
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KuyokuganP shows us Mami's well-synchronized dance to a danceable music. We are sure that you feel good watching it!

* SPEED "ALIVE" feat. Mami, Miki, Iori and Yayoi by KiwiP

Sorry, sm19950751 was deleted.

KiwiP organized "quartet" unit again! That's interesting, but this time some cuts without the appearance of idols are also very impressive.

* MIZUKI Nana "DISCOTHEQUE" feat. Takane, Miki and Azusa by NakayoshiP

Sorry, sm19949241 was deleted.

Though it's late for Takane's birthday, a great video was released. NakayoshiP stuffed a lot of elements into this 3-minutes pleasing work. Never miss it!

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