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Oct 11, 2013 Pickups for Hibiki and Noriko 's birthday

* NUMAKURA Manami "Rock the Hero" feat. Hibiki by NankuruP

NUMAKURA Manami "Rock the Hero" feat. Hibiki

NUMAKURA Manami "Rock the Hero" feat. Hibiki (04:54)

2013-10-09 Posted
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We pick up nice works for Hibiki's birthday today, too. This song is sung by MUMAKURA Manami, the voice actress for Hibiki. It isn't surprising that the song goes well with her stylish dance performance. Don't miss it!

* KAWAMOTO Makoto "1/2" feat. Hibiki by mknP

KAWAMOTO Makoto "1/2" feat. Hibiki

KAWAMOTO Makoto "1/2" feat. Hibiki (03:45)

2013-10-10 Posted
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This mknP's video presents a lovely girl to us as opposed to the above one. BTW, the voice of this singer sounds similar to Hibiki, doesn't it?

* Ron "Sweet Magic" by OperaP

Ron "Sweet Magic"

Ron "Sweet Magic" (03:34)

2013-10-10 Posted
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Today's last pickup is a celebratory video for SHIINA Noriko. Her birthday is also October 10th. She is a big lover of donuts, so OperaP created such a video like this.

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* californiawalt (Oct 13, 2013 05:06)

Recently, I learned about three Cinderella Girls vids on Nico Nico site that deal with...are you ready for this?... "Cute jeweleries", "Cool jeweleries", and "Passion jeweleries". Would you please pick them up for us?

* NT (Oct 13, 2013 21:47)

We found only some medleys of shot samples. Are they what you wrote? If so, you can listen to those samples in the official website.

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