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Dec 16, 2013 Pickups

* EasyPop "Girls" feat. Rin, Karen and Nao by RubisuP

EasyPop "Girls" feat. Rin, Karen and Nao

EasyPop "Girls" feat. Rin, Karen and Nao (01:28)

2013-12-15 Posted
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RubisuP used CINDERELLA GIRLS' excellent MMD models by KoukatsuZenraTomitakeP to produce this video. You definitely like the stylish performance by Triad Primus. Don't miss it!

* Unfinished Video Sampler by RizuP

Unfinished Video Sampler

Unfinished Video Sampler (03:47)

2013-12-16 Posted
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RizuP released a sampler of unfinished Nicom@s videos now. We really want to see every completed one and hope he/she gets back his/her gumption to finish them.

* "Mikeneko Rock" feat. Ai, Eri and Ryo by ATP

"Mikeneko Rock" feat. Ai, Eri and Ryo

"Mikeneko Rock" feat. Ai, Eri and Ryo (01:40)

2013-12-15 Posted
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"The NicoM@S Best 20 Selection" is an event making up a list of your favorite 20 Nicom@s MADs. It will take place under the following regulation: 1)You can select 20 MADs or less which are released from July 1 to December 31 this year. 2)You can choose only one work per Nicom@s creator. If you publish your list on your website (or "public My List" if you have a Nico Nico Account) and inform us of it, we will inform the event organizer of your selection. The deadline is January 7 2014. We are hoping for your participation.

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