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Dec 24, 2013 Pickups for Yukiho's birthday

* Pickups for Yukiho's birthday

It's Yukiho's birthday, today! A lot of videos for the day have been released by NicoM@S creators. We pick nice celebratory ones among them, and let's enjoy them and celebrate her!

* Hana "i wo Tokinasai(Solve i)" feat. Yukiho by ShagiP

Hana "i wo Tokinasai(Solve i)" feat. Yukiho

Hana "i wo Tokinasai(Solve i)" feat. Yukiho (01:51)

2013-12-24 Posted
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Who do you think is a big Yukiho lover? Yes, we put ShagiP at the top of the list. He released an attractive celebratory work for Yukiho as always. Enjoy!

* FictionJunction YUUKA "Seiya(Holy Night)" feat. Yukiho, Mami and Miki by AtelierP

Sorry, sm22501482 was deleted.

AtelierP made a nice movie full of Yukiho's charm. We are sure that you can't take your eyes off the screen for over five minutes. Don't miss it!

* TokyoKarankoron "Shoujo Jump" feat. Yukiho by AuP

TokyoKarankoron "Shoujo Jump" feat. Yukiho

TokyoKarankoron "Shoujo Jump" feat. Yukiho (03:34)

2013-12-24 Posted
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"I'm interested in someone. I want to ask him lots of things, but I can't." Since Yukiho is probably like that, it's nice to select this song in the video. Additionally it's happy for us to see a variety of cute Yukiho. Wonderful!

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