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Jun 22, 2014 Pickups

* Weekly Ranking delayed

Weekly Ranking hasn't been released yet. We will pick it up as soon as possible.

* Leon "Acceleration" by FRISKP

Leon "Acceleration"

Leon "Acceleration" (02:14)

2014-06-21 Posted
265 Mylists

FRISKP's work is cool and stylish as usual. The camera work of this video is really great! Never miss it!!

* SAITO Kazuyoshi "One More Time" feat. Haruka by ChivasP

Sorry, sm23828685 was deleted.

This is ChivasP's new work. He/She featured Haruka from a variety of games and animations. It's interesting to change naturally from Haruka of a media to Haruka of another media. Check it out!

* YMO "Absolute Ego Dance" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Haruka by Nomin-PooP

YMO "Absolute Ego Dance" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Haruka

YMO "Absolute Ego Dance" feat. Iori, Chihaya and Haruka (02:04)

2014-06-22 Posted
89 Mylists

We pick up Nomin-PooP for the first time in eight months. Three idols are dancing to a rhythmic electro music. You will surely feel happy to see their well-synchronized performance.

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* californiawalt (Jun 23, 2014 05:29)

Just wanna wish a certain Ritsuko a happy birthday! BTW, does anybody out there know of some vids that would go well with the ocasion?

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