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Jun 23, 2014 Ritsuko's Birthday & The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking of June 3rd week

* Ritsuko's birthday

It is Ritsuko's birthday, today! Various Nicom@s creators have already released many celebratory videos for her, and we will pick nice ones among them tomorrow.

* The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking

We introduce the iDOLM@STER weekly ranking to you week by week.

The iDOLM@STER weekly ranking has the longest history and is the best authoritative in the ranking movies of the iM@S MADs, which has been tirelessly published for more than seven years. This series is the most suited to know popularity and information of the iM@S MADs.

The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking of June 3rd week

The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking of June 3rd week (18:18)

2014-06-22 Posted
8 Mylists

If there are movies which you want to watch more, please write down the movie information (e.g. movie number: sm***, or rank...) as a comment! We'll profile the movies in this page or the Pickup! Take it easy.

  1. See below.
  2. See below.
  3. A parody of a game trailer.
  4. A novel in Japanese.
  5. A cut of The PuchiM@S animation.
  6. A parody of The PuchiM@S animation.
  7. See below.
  8. See below.
  9. A novel in Japanese.
  10. An MMD drama in Japanese.

* "M@STERPIECE" by KurawanP

Sorry, sm23773460 was deleted.

This week's No.1!

* "on and on" feat. Chihiro by Nani-

"on and on" feat. Chihiro

"on and on" feat. Chihiro (01:12)

2014-06-16 Posted
1,448 Mylists

This week's No.2!

* Puchi Ue(Top) Ride by Hinokiburo

Sorry, sm23800080 was deleted.

This week's No.7!

* BABA Konomi "dear..." by SatouKunP

BABA Konomi "dear..."

BABA Konomi "dear..." (01:58)

2014-06-12 Posted
2,525 Mylists

This week's No.8!

Today's Comments (Total: 2) [Comment]
* californiawalt (Jun 24, 2014 08:07)

So why was #7 suddenly taken off by the time I returned to this site? I don't get it! Anyways, I'd also like to see #5 put on this lineup, if you please. Thanks in advance.

* NT (Jun 24, 2014 18:41)

Unfortunately, a lot of Puchim@s MADs including #5 and #7 have been deleted from Niconico due to a claim by the copyright holder of Puchim@s.

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