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THE iDOLM@STER MAD World Service [johnqP]


  • Mar 14, 2013#p02 Wild Cherry "Play That Funky Music" feat. Iori, Yayoi, Azusa, Chihaya, Ritsuko and Eri by JohnQP
  • Sep 26, 2013#p03 Phil Collins "You Can't Hurry Love" feat. Yukiho by JohnQP
  • Nov 07, 2013#p02 Thin Lizzy "Dancing In The Moonlight" feat. Takane and Hibiki by JohnQP
  • Feb 27, 2014#p04 BENI "One more time, One more chance" feat. Chihaya by JohnQP
  • Feb 25, 2016#p02 GARNET CROW "Nora" feat. Chihaya by JohnQP