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THE iDOLM@STER MAD World Service [versusP]


  • Dec 19, 2008#p02 Towa Tei "A Ring" feat. Haruka by versusP
  • Feb 19, 2009#p05 Daft Punk "TELEVISION RULES THE NATION / CRESCENDOLLS" feat. Haruka by versusP
  • May 27, 2010#p03 Jacknife Lee "Bursting Off The Backbeat" feat. Haruka, Yayoi, Iori and Mami by versusP
  • May 31, 2010#p03 Yosei-Teikoku "Eternal Waltz" feat. Yukiho by versusP
  • Jul 09, 2010#p02 Daft Punk "One More Time" by versusP
  • Jan 03, 2011#p03 Pizzicato Five "January the 1st" feat. Azusa, Haurka and Iori by versusP
  • Feb 24, 2011#p05 The Subways "Rock & Roll Queen" feat. Haruka by versusP
  • Mar 29, 2011#p02 Manami Komori "Yell for you!(Yell wo Kimi ni)" by versusP
  • May 13, 2011#p02 Pizzicato Five "Twiggy,Twiggy" feat. Haruka by versusP
  • May 26, 2011#p03 Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Music For A Found Harmonium" feat. Mami by versusP
  • Jun 07, 2011#p03 Southern All Stars "Erotica Seven" feat. Haruka, Makoto and Hibiki by versusP
  • Dec 28, 2011#p03 CORNELIUS "MOON WALK" feat. Takane, Chihaya and Yukiho by versusP
  • Mar 05, 2012#p01 Unkle "Ape shall never kill ape" feat. Haruka and RyuguKomachi by versusP
  • May 17, 2012#p03 The Go! Team "Huddle Formation" feat. Haruka, Ami, Mami, Hibiki and Yayoi by versusP and TakkyuP
  • Jun 01, 2012#p03 Hi-STANDARD "California Dreamin'" feat. Haruka, Chihaya and Yayoi by versusP
  • Aug 10, 2012#p03 AKIZUKI Ryo "Dazzling World" by versusP
  • Jan 02, 2013#p01 pizzicato five "Dai Tokyo" feat. Haruka and 765Production all-stars by versusP
  • Jan 16, 2013#p02 IKEDA Ryoji "Test Pattern" by versusP
  • Aug 04, 2013#p04 HALCALI "Tip Taps Tip" feat. Haruka, Hibiki and Miki by versusP
  • Jul 01, 2014#p03 ZARD "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" feat. Haruka, Iork and Ami by versusP
  • Apr 11, 2015#p02 765 Special Stage!!!!! feat. Makoto, Mami and Hibiki
  • May 19, 2015#p02 GANAHA Hibiki "Pon De Beach" by versusP, KaidouP, ShojonP and into_the_blue
  • Jun 30, 2015#p02 Pizzicato Five "A New Song" feat. Uzuki, Rin and Mio by versusP