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Sep 14, 2008 The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking of September 2nd week

* The iDOLM@STER Weekly Ranking

We'll introduce the iDOLM@STER weekly ranking to you week by week.

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週刊アイドルマスターランキング 9月第2週

週刊アイドルマスターランキング 9月第2週 (18:53)

2008-09-13 Posted
63 Mylists

If there are movies which you want to watch more, please write down the movie information (e.g. movie number: sm***, or rank...) at the comment to request! We'll profile the movies in this page or the Pickup! Take it easy.

  1. "Who put the bomp?" by hebo-peanutsP
  2. Makoto's Birthday PV "I'm not ashamed because it is not an underwear." by M@co.jP
  3. "Where to Begin" PV style Ver.1.1 by wakamuraP
  4. hebo-peanuP/riyo the third
  5. "The Mobius Squadron is going to join in Makoto's live"
  6. See below
  7. -
  8. "Sagittarius Stars PM9 Don't be late." by enokunP

* "Inter-planetary Flight" feat. Ritsuko by YamanekoP and acousticP

アイドルマスター 律子ロイド 「星間飛行」 律子(ライブPV風)

アイドルマスター 律子ロイド 「星間飛行」 律子(ライブPV風) (02:04)

2008-09-07 Posted
2,520 Mylists

This week's No.6 MAD is a masterpiece of a "vocaloid manus."
It is a kind of "vocaloid" similar to Miku, HATSUNE but done by processing sounds rearranged into a song without the vocaloid engine.
Although it ever takes long tome, almost all of the products was not so natural.
With this song, however, AcousticP has made us surprized by this song of never achieved quality.
And YamanekoP has made a PV on this song. As Ritsuko was imposed to the images of original animation "MacrossF,"
you could watch as if there were an animation movie whose leading actress was Ritsuko.
Anyway, how CRAZY Ritsukoski(Ritsuko's sept) are!

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