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Sep 15, 2008 Pickups and result of Collaboration Festival

* "The iDOLM@STER / iPod nano 4G M@STER VERSION CM" by yuriaP

Sorry, sm4617141 was deleted.

Which colour do you like?

* Result of IM@S Collaboration Festival

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - ED』

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - ED』 (11:36)

2008-09-14 Posted
51 Mylists

  1. Team#15 YusaP x ShikabaneP feat. Haruka
  2. Team#8 tloP x NatsumikanP feat. Iori
  3. Team#14 itachiP x kirP feat. Chihaya

Thank you for your vote! You can see their MADs in Sep. 9 topics.

Tags: Pickup event

* Relations Trance Mix by sitaP and KIDP

アイドルマスター 美希 千早 Relations Trance mix

アイドルマスター 美希 千早 Relations Trance mix (03:36)

2008-09-13 Posted
894 Mylists

This mix by sitaP was used in the first club DJ event by iM@S MAD creators, "Tokachi Gold," held on August 30. Then KIDP made the video for the mix. Enjoy the hottest atmosphare in the "Tokachi Gold."

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